Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Branch Janus
Status Deceased
Location Just outside Vienna, Austria
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was a Janus and one of the most famous classical music composers of all time.


Wolfgang was born to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria Pertl in Salzburg (at that time a state of the Holy Roman Empire). His only other sibling to survive birth was Maria Anna 'Nannerl' Mozart. When Nannerl did keyboard lessons, Wolfgang would look on, amazed. He soon began at age 5 creating little symphonie, K 1-5 which Leopold wrote down. The family took a grand tour of Europe displaying their musical skills. The Salzburg Prince-Archbishop employed Wolfgang as his court musician. Wolfgang resigned from the court and his mother later died. Wolfgang moved to Vienna and married Constanze Lange. Wolfgang made opera, one that Fidelio Racco, a fellow Janus inspired. This opera was Fidelio Farto, and Mozart sent a KV 617 musical sheet to Benjamin Franklin containing lines from The Place I was Born. Mozart later died of an unknown sickness, though he himself thought poison.