William McIntyre
Branch Madrigal
Status Deceased ( Murdered by AJT)
Location Salzburg
William McIntyre is a Madrigal, and Grace Cahill's long time lawyer. ==they left, Amy handed him Saladin saying he ate red snapper. Despite not liking animals, William took Saladin anyway. Saladin and William didn't get along, Saladin scraping his hands over and over. On his way to Paris, it was a challenge to get Saladin through customs. Amy, Dan, and Nellie Gomez were eating on the Champs-Élysées when William spotted them and came over, worrying he was being tailed. He told Amy and Dan he knew about last night where the Kabras took Franklin's energized vial, and Amy admitted they were lost (which was a lie as they had the KV 617 music sheet). William sighed and gave them Saladin saying he and the cat don't get along. William left, still looking to see if he was being followed. William dialed a few numbers in Vienna, and met with the Man in Black on the observation deck of the Eiffel Tower where William admitted the kids didn't trust him. The Man said things didn't go well, and William showed him the numbers dialed in Vienna. They both agreed that there could be no more mistakes. He was staying in a hotel one night when a "waiter" came into his room to serve his food. The waiter was actually a person he recognized, a Vesper. Vesper One is believed to have killed William.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

William is very calm, and can plan long ways in advance. He used several coded message substitutions, and had a dog named Oliver that's he sentimental about. He used a password-protected BlackBerry.

William was killed by Isabel kabra

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