Victor Wood
Branch Ekaterina
Status Alive
Location London
Victor Wood is a chemist in London of the Ekaterina branch.


Victor took some classes in the Department of Chemistry at the University of Tokyo. He got a DPhill in Chemistry at Oxford, an Masters in Material Science, also taking some classes at Eton in Windsor. He was a squirrel wrangler at the Devonshire Petting Zoo, and a researcher in Paris in Prauge. He's published Led, Gold, and Microchips: Alchemy in the 21st Century, and Chemical Innovations in Slurpy Flavors. Victor's won the American Alchemial Society Beatrix Desmesier Award for Outstanding Advances in Bioinorganic Chemistry, Oxford University Polar Bear Club Memer, Leauge of Competitive Dominoes Prize Winner, and the Norbet McClurkin Memorial Institute Medal for Alchemical Advances. Victor became a London chemist, and began working with dangerous chemicals, but Dr. M Lee told him to stop, and they'll talk on Saturday, but a girl asked him out to the movies that same day in a text. He also has a betterjobs4u profile.


Victor is good with chemicals like some Ekats. He likes modern alchemy and historical metallurgy, and birding.


Card #23--Card Pack #1