Vespers are the secret enemies of the Cahills, dating back to when Gideon Cahill was alive. They are first mentioned in the very end of book 10, Into the Gauntlet. The Vespers are a ruthless group that will do anything to destroy the Cahills and get their true goal: world domination.

Status Active
Members Non-blood-related

masterminds of the world

First Appeared Into the Gauntlet
Vespers (continued)
Last Appeared N/A
Vesper One (true identity) Damien Vesper III
Vesper Two (true identity) Isabel Kabra
Vespers (continued #2)
Vesper Three (true identity) Sinead Starling
Vesper Four (true identity) Sandy Bancroft
Vesper Five (t. i.) Luna Amato
Vespers (continued #3)
Vesper Six (t. i.) Cheyenne Wyoming

The Vesper Council of Six are the best and top six Vespers of the group. Their true identities (listed in table above) are slowly revealed in the Cahills vs. Vespers series.

Some Vespers are killed in the series, like Damien Vesper III, Luna Amato, and Isabel Kabra. Damien and Isabel are killed in Day of Doom, the sixth book in the series and therefore the last. They are caught in a battle after Isabel takes the complete serum that Dan built up since he had a photographic memory. Isabel was mad that Vesper One (Damien) had killed her daughter, Natalie Kabra, through the Doomsday device. She first stole Dan's backpack with the master serum in it, then takes it to use against Vesper One. He was the first to be killed by the device and was disintegrated into dust. Then Isabel Kabra, too. The mountain collapses because of Archimedes' Doomsday device. Amy Cahill was hit in the head by a chunk of rock and was knocked unconscious, and later had a dream that she was dead with Evan Tolliver (her ex-boyfriend), Grace Cahill (her grandmother), Hope Cahill (her mother) and Arthur Trent (her father). As well as, Isabel and Natalie Kabra. But fortunately, Amy wasn't dead when she woke.