Tomas Logo
Headquarters/Base La Paz, Bolivia, Durban, South Africa, Mt. Fuji, Japan
Leader(s) Ivan Kleister
Status Active
Goal Assemble the 39 Clues before other branches
Allies None
Enemies Madrigal, Janus, Lucian, Ekaterina branches, Nellie Gomez

The Tomas are the strongest and burliest of all the Cahill branches, and founded by Thomas Cahill. However, some Tomas do break the mold and are actually smart.


After Gideon Cahills house burnt, Thomas and Katherine Cahill traveled to Japan. Thomas married a women, which angered Katherine so she stole one of Thomas's 39 Clues and ran. Thomas was outraged at Katherine's actions, and now Tomas and Ekaterina are sworn foes. One Tomas clue was given to Thomas's son, Toyotomi Hideoshi, the famed Japanese warrior to hide in a Korean cave with several swords stolen from his foes.

Jean-Babtiste Tavernier, found a diamond, the Tavernier Blue that had a flaw in it shaped like the alchemial symbol for Zinc, one of the Tomas Clues. The diamond was stolen from the French Crown Jewels by the Ekats. Shaka Zulu, one of Africa's most famed warriors, had a Clue, Aloe, that was put in a box with diamonds at his grave in the Tomas stronghold. The diamonds were meant to confuse other Cahill's, thinking that was the Clue. Simón Bolívar, a South American liberator, hid a Clue, Lead, on his coffin so he could protect it in death, as inn his mind South America was a perfect place to hide a Clue once it wasn't under Spanish rule.

Sir John Franklin proposed to hide the Magnesium Clue on Beechy Island in the northernmost Canadian British territories. The Clue was hidden, but the crew who hid it never made it back to England due to being trapped in the Arctic ice. David Livingstone went to Africa to supposedly search for the source of the Nile, but was finding a place to hide Bone, a Tomas Clue. He did, in Victoria Falls, but vanished, possibly due to Janus Henry Morton Stanley. Once manifest destiny started, the Tomas build an Alcatraz Island stronghold, hiding Wormwood, a Clue, under it. Whenever other Cahills almost got to the Clue, Madrigals would intervene. In Grace Cahills hunt for the Clues, Eisenhower, Mary-Todd, Hamilton, Reagan, and Madison Holt represent the Tomas.

Known TomasEdit

Thomas Cahill

Toyotomi Hideoshi

Jean-Babtiste Travernier

Shaka Zulu

Simón Bolívar

David Livingstone

George Monroe

Annie Oakley

George Mallory

Gertrude Ederle

Ivan Kleister

George McClain

Henrich Henderson

Mateo Sanchez

Paul Addison

Eisenhower Holt

Mary-Todd Holt

Hamilton Holt

Reagan Holt

Madison Holt