Ophir Dhupam
Ophir Dhupam
Branch Janus
Status Alive
Location India
Ophir Dhupam is a Janus Bollywood actor in India.


Ophir seemingly always knew of his Janus connection, and was given an agent, Pratik who was supposed to be helpful and useful, but Ophir disagreed with that. Ophir went to the Oscars and was in the balcony, not down below in the first five rows. After the Oscars, Ophir whispered to Angelina Jolie his idea for her to go hunting for the 39 Clues with him, and she called security. Ophir wrote a letter afterwards demanding she must go as she is a Madrigal. Ophir then became the lead in the Four Corners of My Heart at the Taj Mahal and was interviewed by Teens! Magazine who doubted his acting skills and Ophir almost let slip that he was a Cahill. Agent Z met with Ophir on accident after learning he was looking around the Taj Mahal. Ophir accidentally told Z that Shah Jahan needed a hiding place, and quickly repented.


Ophir is a bad actor, but thinks that he is incredible and amazing. He has 100% confidence in his skills but is self centered and has 'fluffy' acting skills.


Card #8--Card Pack #1

Stolen Archive File 8

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