Maria Marapao
Maria Marapao
Branch Janus
Status Alive
Location Manila, Philippines
Maria Marapao is a Janus living in the Philippines.


Maria learned to practice the traditional Filipino martial art of Eskrima, and never lost a match all through her childhood. Maria also became an 'accomplished' poet, writing about Jane Cahill and the Cahill family. Maria then attended the Manila Eskrima Center. She keeps A Collection of Works by Emily Dickson and Shakespere's Sonnets in her locker along with fighting equipment and weaponary, working on an umbrella takedown. She once had a fight at night on Tuesday.

She was the winner of the Junior Eskrima Championships in Manila, finishing with her umbrella move. She was interviewed by Gavin Carberry, who congratulated her on the win, noting her finisher move. He looked forward to seeing her in Mexico City, but Maria said she wasn't going, to travel where the hunt takes her, then correcting with wind. Gavin noted Maria's poetic skills, and she said that Eskrima is about feeling as well. The interviewer hoped to see her soon, and she said if she found what she was looking for, she'd be powerful, then complained about dehydration and ended the interview. Maria posted a terrible haiku on Haiku Haven before starting her hunt for the 39 Clues. She was instructed by the Janus leadership to go to Venice and take the special first edition of Frankenstien, hiding the Clue Iodine.


Maria likes writing poetry and fighting, but is more gifted at fighting than poetry. She is very self confident in her skills hunting for the 39 Clues.


  • Card #7--Card Pack #1zd
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