Headquarters/Base Attelboro, MA, Easter Island, South Madagascar, Cahill Island, United Nations New York
Leader(s) Unknown, formerly Grace Cahill
Status Active
Goal Stop the other branches from assembling the 39 Clues, re-unite the other branches against the Vesper family, protect the Vesper ring.
Allies Saladin, Bae Oh, assorted members of other branches, Arthur Trent
Enemies Certain members of the other branches, Vespers

The Madrigals are the main branch of the Cahill family,(along with Ekaterina, Tomas, Janus, and Lucian) descended from Madeline Cahill, the fifth sibling of the founders of the other four branches. They are trying to stop the other branches from collecting the 39 Clues, and to unite them to stop the Vesper group. It also seems like they are the strongest group.


Madeline Cahill started the Madrigals per the wishes of Olivia Cahill, and now they have many members across the world. Some Madrigals are born into the branch, while others pass a test that may be non-Cahills or other branches. The branch was a menace to the other branches, as that stopped them from collecting all 39 Clues. Madrigal agent Anne Bonny hid a Clue, Mace, in a lead-lined box that only symbols representing the five branches could open. Other Madrigal actions included destroying a Lucian master serum, and possibly manipulating hydrothermic energy to blow Krakatau. Amelia Earhart tried to search for a Clue, Water, that was lost with Robert Cahill Hendersons lab being destroyed.

The leader of the Madrigals for a long period of time after her birth was Grace Cahill. Grace created several reforms in the branch. She tried to search for the Clues, despite fellow Madrigals warning her not to. The result was she lost most everyone, but not her sister, daughter, step-son, and grandkids. Soon a fire lit by Isabel Kabra killed Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent, but their kids, Amy Cahill and Dan Cahill were saved from the fire. They grew up with Grace, and she soon died of cancer. Her will started a new hunt for the 39 Clues, engineered by the Madrigals to unite Cahills to fight the Vespers. The search began, with Amy and Dan competing for the Madrigals. They soon took the lead, going around the world, finding some of the Clues. Meanwhile, William McIntyre met with Fiske Cahill. Fiske began following the Clue hunters, Amy and Dan the most.

Amy and Dan were granted Madrigal status after re-discovering Mace for the Madrigals. Fiske entered them into the branch, and Nellie Gomez, who had been assigned to watch them. They were sent to Cahill Island to the Madrigal stronghold, to line up representatives from each branch to go through a Gauntlet. Though they did unite the branches, it came against Isabel Kabra who nearly gained the master serum. She was sent to jail. The Madrigals then informed Amy and Dan that Grace's will had a clause that those in the Gauntlet got the million they gave up for the race. They were then informed of the growing Vesper threat.

Known MadrigalsEdit

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