Lilya Chernova
Branch Ekaterina
Status Alive
Location St. Petersburg, Russia
Lilya Chernova is a fashionable and smart student in St. Petersburg International Academy.


Lilya got into the Academy, and soon became one of the most fashion-inclined, but smart students. A master at math, she went to European contests, brining back four first place awards. She went to a party where a Vicky stared at her, jealous of her necklace. Tash2737 texted her on Lilya's sparkly Blackberry later, amazed that Liliya wore it out.

Agent Z met Lilya, and talked to her, trying to get her to reveal any Ekaternia heritage. Lilya divulged information relating to the diamond. This led to the stealing of a clue.


Lilya is flirty and playful, with a great fashion sense, but is also amazing at math, and very pretty.


Card #24--Card Pack #1