Lan Nguyen
Branch Janus
Status Alive
Location Agra, India
Lan Nguyen is a Janus girl living in Australia.


Lan went to a reading group once with Agatha Summerson as a kid, when she read Snow White, and Lan asked if she was one of the Seven Dwarves.

Later on, Lan took One Day in Agra, Secrets of the Red Fort, What the Mughals Didn't Want You to Know, and Ancient Persian for Dummies even though she can't read from the Melbourne Public Library. She then got 7 overdue notices from Agatha, then on August 12th of 2008, a Final Notice that if she didn't bring the books back, she'd be banished from the branch. Lan found her mothers own journal in the attic of her house and realized that she was Janus. Lan asked her mom if she could hunt for the 39 Clues, but she quickly said no. Lan didn't care and seemingly booked a flight to London to study art, but instead she was going to Agra, India. She left her parents a note.

Agent Z met Lan at the Red Fort in Agra, searching for an ancient Janus clue. After tricking Lan into revealing she was searching for something, and said that the fort she was at wasn't designed by a certain architect. She told Z she'd try Delhi next, and Z ran.


Lan likes to paint, but is also a bit of a troublemaker. She is very independent and head-strong, confident in her own talents. Lan wants to establish herself as a Janus agent. Lan is very stubborn, and loves to make her voice heard through her 'art' (most people call it graffiti).


Card #21--39 Clues: One False Note