Janus Logo
Headquarters/Base Montreal, Canada, Hollywood, Venice
Leader(s) Cora Wizard
Status Active
Goal Assemble the 39 Clues before other branches
Allies None
Enemies Tomas, Madrigal, Lucian, Ekaterina branches, Nellie Gomez

The Janus branch of the Cahill family was founded by Jane Cahill. The Janus practice the arts, art, singing, composing, plane flying, writing, and martial arts. They are the worst-faring group in the 39 Clues hunt.


After Gideon Cahill's house burned down, a sad Jane ran from Ireland to London, and created art, musical works such as Hail Wolf. Jane started the Janus, and left a message in her music, Art Above All. The Janus took this to heart and have become the best artists ever. Mary Shelly hid one of Jane's Clues, Iodine, in the rare first edition of Frankenstein given to Lord Byron. Fidelio Racco hid Tungsten swords in a harpsicord in his mansion that would explode if a certain song was played. Emperor Maximilian took Plantinum, a Clue, to Mexico but was overthrown by the Tomas, Benito Juarez hiding it in the National Palace. The Janus Qing dynasty of China discovered liquid silk, a Clue. Emperor Puyi gave Tomas George Mallory the serum to refrigerate at the top of Mt. Everest. Cora Wizard recently assumed full leadership of the Janus. In the Clue hunt, Jonah Wizard is the only shot the Janus have though he's having second thoughts.

Known JanusEdit

Jane Cahill

Sir Walter Raliegh

Mary Shelly

James Keat

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Maria Anna 'Nannerl' Mozart

Fidelio Racco

Henrty Morton Stanley

Emperor Maximillian

Harry Houdini

Ambrose Bierce

Leslie D. Mill

Agatha Summerson

Maria Marapao

Lan Nguyen

Sophie Watson

Cora Wizard

Jonah Wizard