Hope Cahill
Hope and Arthur
Branch Madrigal
Status Deceased
Location N/A
Hope Cahill was Grace Cahill's daughter.


Hope was born in 1961 to Grace Cahill and Nathaniel Hartford, though he later died. Hope met Arthur Trent, and they married having two children: Amy Cahill, and Dan Cahill. She had a microchip in her arm detailing the Madrigal clue copper, and when she broke her arm at age 39, it was revealed during an x-ray. Hope and Arthur died in a fire that erupted in their Boston home, though their children escaped unharmed. Hope was an a kind person. Vikram and Isabel Kabra startd the fire on pupose to kill Hope and Arthur. She got married in 1992 had Amy in 1994 and had Dan in 1997. Hope and Arthur died in 2001.