Heinrich Heinrichson
Branch Tomas
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Heinrich Heinrichson is a notorious Tomas agent spying on the Lucians.


In his Tomas quests, Heinrich has battled Amazonian piranhas, crossed the Gobi Desert, snowshoed in the Arctic, and climbed Mt. Everest twice. He was then tasked to follow William McIntyre from Attelboro. In Paris, Heinrich watched William 'sneak' into the Lucian stronghold there. In Australia, Irina Spasky apprehended Heinrich, and found notes that he determined the Kabra family led the Lucians. If the Tomas are ware of this is unknown.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Heinrich is physically powerful and strong, but also a great spy. He is notorious among Lucians as a powerful Tomas agent.


  • Card 50
  • Stolen Archive 50
  • Tomas Archives: Heinrich Heinrichson Report
  • Lucian Archives: Heinrich Heinrichson's Capture (Mentioned Only)