Gordon L. Klose
Branch Lucian
Status Alive
Location Washington D.C.
Gordon L. Klose is a member of Section 7 in the United States.


Gordon was born into the Lucians on September 22nd, 1952. In 1970, he got a Diploma at Widdowdale High in Keane Valley, New York. At the College of William and Mary he got a Bachelor's Degree in Communications. In London at the Fantomas Espionage School, he got his masters in a a classified degree. From 1990 to 1992 he worked at CYBERCIPHER, LLC, which he thought was great but his assignment ended. Then till 1997 he was assisting a spy with a great underground cafeteria. Then till 2004 he held the Lucians get artifacts. He soon worked his way to becoming a Section 7 member with top-secret clearance, though working for the Lucians. Gordon also got a job that he hates at MAKE YOUR OWN BEAR. He then tried to discover what branch Alistair Oh was in along with Paul, Lan, and Alana, supposed Cahills. The notes clutter his car's dashboard. Gordon has a profile on Betterjobs4u.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

Klose is probably sneaky, hiding his Lucian connection from the rest of Section 7. He is 5 foot, 9 inches, and weighs 170 pounds. He lives at 3707 Schmoeller Places, DC, 20009.


  • Card #39--Card Pack #1
  • Card #62--Card Pack #1