Gervais Raoul Lufbery
Branch Janus
Status Deceased
Location Sebastapol, France
Gervais Raoul Lufbery also known as the Flying Ace was a Janus and a famous World War I pilot who fought for the Allied forces on the French and American sides.


Gervais's mother was French, and his father American and he lived in France for years before moving to several exotic places like Spain and Cuba, as he 'needed' to travel around the world. He settled with his father in Connecticut, but then there was the outbreak of World War One. Gervais went to fight in the battle and joined a French Air Service fighting on the American behalf. The Air Service had two mascot lions, Whiskey and Soda and Gervais tool Whiskey on some missions until he was told not to. Gervais transferred to the American Air Service and was the first American to earn 'ace' status by downing five planes, once ted in a day. Gervais did solo missions although it has now been brought up that he possibly was searching for something. One day when his plane was being worked on, a German spy plane flew over the base and Gervais got in a working plane, and there was an intense firefight. Gervais's gun jammed, and the German hit his fuel tank so Gervais jumped, hit a fence, and was killed on impact. Gervais was interred in France.


Gervais was willing to serve his country in any way possible, but also had a light side when he brought Whiskey on missions.


  • Card #10--Card Pack #1
  • Gervais Ludferby