Benjamin Franklin
Branch Lucian
Status Deceased
Location Philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin was a Lucian agent that hit the Clue Iron Solute in Paris. He also was one of the greatest statesmen of colonial America and was influential in securing America's independence from Great Britian. Franklin served as the US Minister to France and Sweden, and invented many things such as bifocals, the printing press, and discovering that lightning was electricity.


Franklin was born to Josiah Franklin and Abiah Folger on January 17th 1706 on Milk Street in Boston. He became a printer under James, his brother, and used Mrs. Silence Dogood as a false name to get his work published. After the ruse was discovered, Franklin fled to Philadelphia to get a new start. He founded the Junto and began to print the Philadelphia Gazette, and became a Freemason. Franklin entered a common law marriage with Deborah Read, and they had two children: Francis Franklin (died of smallpox), and Sarah 'Sally' Franklin. He had an illegitimate son, William, who became a loyalist and moved to London. Franklin printed Poor Richard's Almanack under the false name Richard Saunders. Franklin enjoyed years of prosperity an happiness, becoming an avid chess player.

Around this time of before Franklin must've learned of his Lucian heritage and was in communication with the Lucian leadership as one of their top agents. Franklin opposed the 1765 Stamp Act, and was influential in stopping it. Deborah died in 1774 of a stroke when Franklin was in London. Franklin was a signer of the Declaration of Independence from England, and in 1776 was dispatched to Paris to be the ambassador to France, but the people who sent them were of Lucian nature and Franklin was sent to hide Iron Solute, the 18th in the 39 Clues. In 1785, the last year of his stay in Paris, Franklin learned of the Paris Catacombs, and hatched a plan to hide the Clue and a vial containing a poison. Franklin hid the Clue in the St. Pierre de Montmarte church, and the vial and a souviner vase of his wrapped in KV 617 sheet music, written by the Janus Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart for his instrument. Franklin hid the coordinates in a magic box carved on skulls in the Catacombs.

When Franklin returned to America, he became second only to George Washington, and was elected President of Pennsylvania and served three terms. Franklin settled down and wrote autobiographies on his life. He died of natural causes, and a lung burst few minuets before his death. He is interred at the Christ Church Burial Ground in Philadelphia, and left his fortune to Boston and Philadelphia that grew as the centuries went on, reaching nearly five million in the 21st Century.


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