CAHILL VS. VESPERS[edit | edit source]

The following message is EXTREMLY classified and must absolutely not be shared to anyone outside the family.

If you are reading this, this means that you are a Cahill regardless of how you found this wiki. It also means that you are in very great danger. No matter what branch you belong to - Lucian, Janus, Ekaterina, Tomas, or Madrigal - the task of finding the 39 Clues has now fallen into your hands.

Fortunately, you may know all about the Cahill family right here. If you are wondering which branch you belong to, or want to know who the heck is that man who keeps on following you, you can find that information in the 39 Clues wiki, formed by members of the Cahill family who want to help fellow relatives.

And just so you know, the 39 Clues is absolutely not just fiction.

Good luck with your mission. P.S.: Perhaps you would understand this more if you read from The Maze of Bones.

P.P.S.: Beware of the Vespers.

The Council of Six

Vesper Six - Cheyenne Wyoming,

Vesper Five - Luna Amato (killed by Jonah Wizard in Shatterproof currently unknown)

Vesper Four - Sandy Bancroft

Vesper Three - Sinead Starling

Vesper Two - Isabel Kabra

Vesper One - Damien Vesper III a.k.a.  Dave Speminer and Riley McGrath

Known Vespers:[edit | edit source]

Casper Wyoming

Isabel Kabra

Sinead Starling (Double Agent)

Cheyenne Wyoming

Luna Amato

Teodora Kosara

Ana Kosara

Sandy Bancroft

Bruno (unknown last name) (?dead?)

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